With the Wii-U almost crashing into stores and assassinating Gamers’ wallets, I thought this would be a good time to bring up some issues with Nintendo’s most famous icon; Mario. For those of you were born last year or just want to hear me spew out awesome information, I give you a little history of this famous plumber. Mario got his start in 1981 on the arcade game “Donkey Kong” where the player controlled Mario, or Jump Man at the time, and tried to climb a tower dodging barrels from the huge ape Donkey Kong. You’re main objective of the game was to make to the top of the towers and try to save the princess known only as “Pauline”… I guess Peach wasn’t Mario’s cup of tea in the early 80′s. Mario’s time in the Donkey Kong games gained him enough popularity to star in his own game Mario Bros. featuring his brother Luigi for the first time.


Both these games were popular but in 1985, there was a major video game crash due to poor game sales of Atari games such Pacman, Cluster’s Revenge and the famous E.T. However, Nintendo released Mario on the console for the first time on the new Nintendo Entertainment System and it was a huge success. Mario has since then released a wide range of games spanning from over three generations of platforming, brawling, playing sports and even playing board games. We then come to today, 31 years since his first game and he has saved Princess Peach in the Mario Land, World and Galaxy and he has release almost 10 Mario Parties and Nintendo has resorted to re-releasing their older games to keep trying to remind us that Mario is a gaming legend… I think Mario needs to throw in the towel. Now, I don’t think Mario should go away completely or forever but I do think that it’s a little sad what Nintendo is doing.


Even though Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 were pretty freaking epic games and two of the best games to come out on the Wii, what more can Nintendo do with this maniac jumping plumber. The last, like, 5 Mario Party games ranged from passable to abysmal and it’s not like this is the first time Mario has released some bad games but the only reason they are spewing out more and more of these games is because Nintendo has literally no more ideas for Mario. Galaxy was their last really good idea for Mario and it really showed, the gameplay was action packed and solid and the difficulty was challenging but was never chewing my ass. The game allowed the player to explore different planets that stayed true to the Mario formula but was also original in it’s own way. Since Super Mario Galaxy 2, Nintendo has released nothing but more Super Mario Party games and releases of games that haven’t been popular in years but they hope this will keep your interest until they come up with something… Anything.

I bring up this topic because one the games being released for the upcoming Wii U is Super Mario Bros. U which is probably just going to be Super Mario Bros. but with a new paint job and price tag. The new Super Mario Bros. series is just the old series in 3D and I cannot believe it is still selling as well as it is and they plan on making more of these. I guess what I really want is for Mario to bow out of the race right now with some dignity before he becomes another Sonic who begs for more games and will do horrible things in alleyways in order to get these horrible games funded. Also, I want to make it very clear that I still really enjoy Mario games, like Super Mario RPG on the Super Nintendo is still one of my favorite games of all time and I don’t think we should let Mario die and be forgotten.


Believe it or not, I think more games should be made with Mario as an side character and let others have a chance at the spotlight like Luigi. I don’t care what anyone says, Luigi’s Mansion was actually pretty good and I was hoping this would start a rivalry with Luigi against Big Boo like Mario and Bowser. The game gave a new spin at the Mario formula and let Luigi have his own gaming style and I thought that was really clever. The game was still challenging, intriguing and even a little creepy for younger gamers including that famous urban legend of the shadow showing Luigi hanging himself… Seriously, look it up that’s a real legend with this game. Also making a game around Bowser has proven to work well in the past with the release of “Bowser’s Inside Story” so why don’t they do that again. Hell, I’ll even take a game with Princess Peach as the protagonist as long as they never make her power crying again… It’s a little sexist if you ask me.


I think it’s time for him to step up

Hopefully Nintendo gives Mario the gracious send-off he deserves instead of milking a dead cash cow like Sonic and other famous game franchises… Yes, I’m looking at you Halo and Mario should just let others have a chance at the spotlight… They could also work on a sequel to Super Mario RPG, it was really popular and still nothing after over 15 years. For gaming’s most famous icon, he deserves a lot better.

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